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Neve Genesys Black G32 Analogue Console

Neve Genesys Black G32 Analogue Console - Front

The Neve Genesys Black G32 Analogue Console is a digitally controlled analogue recording console with total integration with the studio environment and the digital audio workstations of your choice.

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Neve Genesys Black G32 Analogue Console

Described as ‘Analogue design with DAW control’ the Genesys is the current offering from the legendary Neve stable. The modular design allows users to add on options to their own recording or financial requirements to the basic 16-fader configuration – 16 channels of mic/line preamps plus 16 channels of DAW mixing and 32-channel analogue summing at mixdown. In addition, the desk offers eight auxiliary buses, eight group buses and 5.1 monitoring. Motorised faders and DAW control are standard. Eq and dynamics hardware can be added as required and the desk can be expanded if required.

~ Eccentric. Read our guide to small consoles here

The Neve Genesys Black is a hybrid mixing console merging the legendary sound of Neve’s analogue circuitry with cutting-edge integration giving you everything you need at your fingertips.

Features of the Neve Genesys Black G32

  • 32 Faders
  • 16 analogue channels
  • Integrated DAW display
  • 16 channels of digitally-controlled analogue 88R-style 4-band EQ
  • 16 channels of AD/DA conversion (16x inputs / 8x outputs); analogue to MADI/AES/FireWire
  • Total Recall software
  • Console stand

The Neve Genesys Black features up to 32 mono inputs with 8 channel strips including the legendary 1073 mic preamps, 4-band EQ taken from the legendary 88RS although 1084EQs can be fitted instead giving you the much sought after Neve sound while giving you a lot of option to add your own outboard. For larger mixing sessions, the Genesys Black’s 32 mono inputs can be used into the stereo mix with two insert per channel strip. Additional I/O include eight group buses with their own dedicated faders, two main outputs, four stereo returns, two cue mixes, and talkback functionality.

DAW controls are accessible on the central high-quality touchscreen and 16 faders below offering unparalleled flexibility to suit your workflow. Compatible with PC and Mac, the plug-and-play touchscreen gives you absolute control of your session elegantly offering much needed convenience to the process. Precision Metering is also included with 16 split meters capable of showing all 32 channels giving you quick access to all the information you require for an increased workflow.

With 32 motorised faders, the Genesys Black is designed to adapt to your needs. In tracking mode, the first eight faders on the left control your inputs while the central sixteen help give you control over your DAW. The final eight faders are used for all your auxes needs. In DAW (or mixing mode), all the 32 faders control all 32 channels with DAW-automation.

The monitor section is directly inspired by the highly praised 88RS console and features two sets of mono, stereo and 5.1 offering a wide choice of monitoring options. 5.1 external sources can also be used in the monitoring section should you need to.

Such a modern console needs high-quality converters to fit into the modern workflow and the Neve Genesys Black is no exception using the same converters found in the Neve 1073 DPD working at sample rates up to 192 kHz. Digital I/Os also include Firewire, AES and MADI connectivity. Three DA paths within each channel strip, two inputs and a direct output, can be fed to and from the AD converters.

The Neve Genesys Black is also future proof thanks to several possible upgrades from complete AD/DA on all monitor outputs, EQ and Dynamic options.

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