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Neve 53 Series Rare Mixing Console

Neve 53 Series Rare Mixing Console

This excellent 1972Neve 53 Series Mixing Console features 28 inputs and is one of the best sounding consoles ever made.

Of all the thousands of desks we’ve offered for sale over the last thirty years, this is without doubt one of the best sounding and most special.

Made in the golden age of classic Neve – 1972 – this is a very rare recording version of the fabled 53 series. In many ways, it could have been purpose made for today’s producer or musician as it offers the ideal facilities for today’s recordists in a compact size (1.7 metres plus comprehensive remote patchbay and top quality looms).

With perhaps the best mic pre’s ever made (the same as the Neve 1081), three band largely selectable eqs, eight aux and direct outs, it boasts 28 inputs, 16 groups, 16 monitors with aux and offers 44 inputs on mix. Convection cooled power supplies mean no machine room is necessary and the latest Martinsound 2 Flying Fader automation (Penny and Giles faders) make fader recall a simplicity itself. Although not cheap, the desk has always been well maintained and has recently been responsible for two of the best-selling (and sounding) number one albums of recent years.

We are extremely reluctant to part with it, but after ten years, are about to embark on a revamp of our award winning Snap Studios so tough decisions have to be made. This desk has a lifetime of glorious recordings ahead of it and will prove a first rate investment for any buyer. Also available is a rare matching 53 series sidecar complete with all aux’s, line amps etc. but without eq modules (although these can be readily sourced), which would increase the number of mic/line inputs to 40, and the number of inputs on mix to 56, all in an incredibly compact and attractive package.

Needless to say, we can offer installation and commissioning anywhere in the world, and supply an additional package of outboard, mics and recording platforms at the best prices.

1972. Discrete. Class A/B.
28 inputs. 16 monitors with aux (routable to mix bus)
16 groups
Compact; 1.7metres. Comprehensive remote patch with high quality cable
Convection cooled power supplies (don’t need a machine room)
33114, 33118 and 33115 mic pre (as per 1081) and eq
8 x aux
Usual Neve features (2 tracks returns, direct outs etc)
Regularly maintained by Neve specialists.
Fling Faders 2 moving fader automation (P+G)
Stunning sound
Recent Number One recordings include;
Liam Gallagher
Craig David
And many more.
Can be supplied with a package of converters and outboard to requirements

Installation and commissioning possible.
Currently in use; viewing and/or tech report welcome