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Konnektor SSL 4000 to DAW Interface

Konnektor SSL 4000 to DAW Interface

Control Pro Tools from your SSL with the Konnektor SSL 4000 to DAW Interface

Konnektor SSL 4000 to DAW Interface

Listen to the Professionals

This is the best SSL Automation Interface I have used.

It has made my work a lot easier, faster and more fun. I love it! ~ Alan Moulder.

Having spent years with a Whizzer when the Konnektor came along it changed our lives.

Simple effective versatile and packed full of little features that make marrying a 4000G+ to ProTools seamless ~ Francesco Cameli, Owner of Sphere Studios.

We have been running the Konnektor SSL interface afor a few months now in 2 of our main mix rooms.

Being able to run the automation reliably in a loop is a useful feature, particularly as that's such a common way to work within Pro Tools based sessions.

We have also found that with more people wanting to work primarily in Tools and let the desk automation follow, the Konnektor has proven more stable than its counterparts. ~ Pete Hofmann, Technical Director of Miloco Studios.


It works both ways

Simply control the 4k SSL automation from your DAW, you are not forced to use the SSL transport.

Click into the timeline of your DAW and the SSL follows. Perfect for stems with identical start times.

It sounds better

By slaving the SSL E or G computer, Konnektor ensures that your DAW (with it's precious external clock) is always the master.

It works in cycle mode

Konnektor is the only interface that makes the SSL automation follow the cycle of your DAW.

Now you can monitor your edits at correct levels.

Konnektor is the ultimate interface between your SSL 4000 console and DAW.


Setting up Konnektor is quick and easy - you'll be up and running in no time.

It communicates via the S29E parallel port which is located under the SSL patchbay.

Two cables run to your MIDI interface and the SMPTE/EBU output of your DAW is fed into the SSL t/c reader input.

There is no software to install.
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