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Taytrix Gobo FP15 Acoustic Treatment

Taytrix Gobo FP15 Acoustic Treatment - Front Close Up

Taytrix Gobo FP15 Acoustic Treatment 15” high Gobo panel covered in fabric on both side providing maximum absorption.

Taytrix Gobo FP15 Acoustic Treatment

The Taytrix StackIt FP15 is a lightweight and stackable Gobo designed to reduce unwanted sonic leakage.

The Taytrix StackIt FP30 is a 15” high, 48” wide and 8inches deep panel with fabric on both side designed to provide maximum absorption. Place it in front of a kick drum or guitar and bass amps to minimise the sound reaching other microphones.

Taytrix StackIt FP15 Gobo features:

  • Easy to assemble, stack and store
  • Round edges allow you to set gobos at virtually any angle
  • Available in full or half-sizes which allow you to stack to your desired height
  • Interlocking tops and bottoms; joined with clips for heightened stability
  • Decorative fabric covers come in a choice of five colors; Blue, Green-weave, Deep Burgundy, Slate or Rose-weave
  • Available in custom heights (contact us for specifications)
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