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Expert Sleepers

Expert Sleepers

Expert Sleepers make VST, AudioUnit and AAX plug-ins for Mac OS X and Windows.

We also make synth hardware, in the form of Eurorack synth modules.

"Instruments that sound good inspire better music, and it's a struggle to make music with bad-sounding instruments, irrespective of how talented you might be. Software instruments are no different: although they are usually discussed and sold in terms of their 'features' what really makes you return to an instrument repeatedly is the much more elusive factor of inspirational sound quality.

"I don't know enough about programming to understand why some software tools fascinate you while others make you want to get another job, but I do know that when I use anything by ES I get excited by what I'm hearing. These tools have the sonic richness of great analogue instruments - with the features of innovative digital ones."

- Brian Eno

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