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  1. Amek 9098 Dual/stereo Compressor USED

    Rupert Neve Designed classic dual compressor

  2. Crane Song STC-8 Stereo Compressor / Limiter

    A used Crane Song STC-8 Discrete Class A stereo compressor / limiter in great condition.

  3. Focusrite Liquid Channel USED

    Focusrite Liquid Channel mic pre and compressor

  4. Klark Teknik DN728 Stereo Delay

    Klark Teknik DN728 broadcast quality stereo delay.

  5. Manley Massive Passive EQ (Used)

    Manley Massive Passive Mastering version EQ (Used)

  6. Manley Rackmount Tube Line Mixer with PSU (Used)

    Manley 16 channel tube line mixer (rack mount) with PSU.

  7. Neumann VMS70 Cutting Lathe

    The industry standard Neumann VMS70 record cutting lathe.

  8. Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Ch Desk (Used) RESERVED

    The used Neve 8068 fully loaded 32 Channel recording console

  9. Neve Discrete Distribution Amp

    Excellent Neve 10 way Discrete Distribution Amp

  10. Neve FJ-V-Series Original Neve VR Console Channel Strip (Used)

    Rack up by Lincoln Fong the Neve FJ-V-Series channel strip is made from original channels from a Neve VR Mixing console...

  11. Quad 520 Power Amp (Used)

    Quad 520 - Excellent power amp Proacs/NS10s

  12. SONGBIRD FS-1 Cyclosonic Panner

    Rare Songbird FS-1 Cyclosonic Panner

  13. Scorchio!
    SSL AWS 948 Delta Analogue Console

    SSL AWS 948 Delta Analogue Console (Special Offer)

    SSL AWS 948 Delta Analogue Console with DAW Control also features Ethernet connectivity.

  14. SSL AWS900+ Analogue Console (Used)

    A used SSL AWS900 analogue mixing console in fantastic condition.

  15. Urei - LA-4 x 2 Limiters (Used)

    Urei - LA-4 x2 lovely limiters. Hugely underrated. Pair.

16 Item(s)

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