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  1. Maselec MDC-70 Controller

    Maselec MDC-70 Neuman VMS-70 Controller

  2. Maselec MDC-80 Contoller

    Maselec MDC-80 Contol unit for Neumann VMS-80

  3. Maselec MDS-2 De-Esser

    Maselec MDS-2 High Frequency limiter / De-Esser

  4. Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ

    Maselec MEA-2 Two-Channel Mastering EQ the choice for professional mastering engineers worldwide.

  5. Maselec MLA-2 Mastering Compressor

    The Low noise and precise Maselec MLA-2 Stereo 2 channel Mastering Compressor

  6. Maselec MLA-3 Compressor

    Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Mastering Compressor

  7. Maselec MLA-4 Multiband Compressor / Expander

    Multiband Compressor / Expander Developed from the Popular MLA-3 with Added Expander Functions for all Frequencies.
  8. Maselec MPL-2 Limiter

    Maselec MPL-2 Peak High Frequency Limiter enables you to achieve high levels whilst reduce unwanted high frequencies

  9. Maselec MTC-1 Mastering Transfer Console

    Maselec MTC-1 Stereo Mastering Transfer Console with discrete precision resistors

  10. Maselec MTC-2 Mastering Console

    Control and master your mixes with the Maselec MTC-2 Mastering Console

  11. Maselec MXF-1 Cross-Fader

    Maselec MXF-1 Cross-Fader used in conjunction with the MDC Series

11 Item(s)

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