Neumann to Discontinue the M149

Neumann, in their infinite Neumanism, have decided to discontinue the M149 tube microphone.

I’ve always liked the superb mics, as have many (George Michael and others have often used them for recording vocals). Sure, it’s not an M49 which has probably confused some, but it’s a superb distinctive ‘classic’ sounding mic in its own right with sparkling mids and a very smooth response.
I’ve grabbed the last couple of remaining mics from Neumann to ensure clients aren’t disappointed. I’m tempted to keep one as not merely is it an excellent vocal mic but as is so often the case I suspect used examples will go up in price over time.
Despite a list price in excess of £3200 I’ll be offering the last couple for £2650 ex VAT – stunning value when you consider how many US companies are now rejigging and rebadging cheap Chinese Tube mics and selling them for an absolute extortion.
Once these are gone, they are forever gone.


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