Why is the Little Labs Monotor so acclaimed?

The LITTLE LABS MONOTOR Audiophile headphone amp has proved one of the great Audiophile hits of 2017.

Little Labs Monotor

Compact yet with more balls than Arsenal Soccer Club, the MONOTOR delivers undistorted quality throughout its quarter-rack sized signal path. Facilitating two headphone outputs, output gain, mono (for those such as me) or stereo (for those such as you), L/R swap, L/R cut and balanced or unbalanced XLR and jack inputs, the MONOTOR has been guzzled up by discerning discerners as fast as they little off Jonathan’s assembly bench.

Compared to the alternatives it offers value with a smile and is as rugged as a rugged rug yet small enough to pocket to and from the studio (in strictly legitimate terms I hasten to haste.)

For those who know LITTLE LABS superlative range of problem solvers and recording tools this beastette will come as no surprise. For those who don’t – DO…follow this link to see the range of goodly goodies on offer (and all in stock) and revel in delight; every unit a bargain – a snip at twice the price.




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Little Labs Monotor Audophile Headphone Amp

Little Labs Monotor Audophile Headphone Amp

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