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Studer A80 Preview Machine

Here’s something you don’t see every week of the day… a lovely STUDER A80 PREVIEW MACHINE. In the days when mice were mice and records were vinyl, master recordings were committed to analogue tape to be cut on vinyl lathes to make a stamper to press discs. Part of the process involved delaying the signal so that the PRE lathe signal could be compared to the POST CUT signal – a process that utilises a digital delay these...

Why is the Little Labs Monotor so acclaimed?

The LITTLE LABS MONOTOR Audiophile headphone amp has proved one of the great Audiophile hits of 2017. Compact yet with more balls than Arsenal Soccer Club, the MONOTOR delivers undistorted quality throughout its quarter-rack sized signal path. Facilitating two headphone outputs, output gain, mono (for those such as me) or stereo (for those such as you), L/R swap, L/R cut and balanced or unbalanced XLR and jack inputs, the MONOTOR has been...

Neumann to Discontinue the M149

Neumann, in their infinite Neumanism, have decided to discontinue the M149 tube microphone. I’ve always liked the superb mics, as have many (George Michael and others have often used them for recording vocals). Sure, it’s not an M49 which has probably confused some, but it’s a superb distinctive ‘classic’ sounding mic in its own right with sparkling mids and a very smooth response. I’ve grabbed the last...

NEW BAE Hot Fuzz Guitar Pedal now available!

The highly praised BAE Hot Puzz guitar pedal is taking the guitar world by storm! The BAE Hot Fuzz can be described as two pedals in one. Featuring a high frequency boost and an English 1970s style fuzz box, it can be used independently or in series to create a high frequency distortion. Main features of the BAE Hot Fuzz: All Solid State design with 4 Bipolar, low noise transistors. Transistor Noise Figure <2 dB across the entire audio...

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