December Used List

It’s that time again, woken up by sleighbells, fat men stuck in chimneys, reindeer knocking slates off the roof, so welcome to our last used list of the year.

We’ll close on Christmas Eve (December 24th) and crawl back to work on January 5th although emails and answerphone will be monitored throughout the break. So…this is your last chance to buy Grannie that Neumann mic she’s always wanted to put beside the flying ducks on the mantelpiece or pick up a Protools Rig to keep Junior amused over the Christmas break.

As usual, we’ll be making a donation to Shelter, the UK charity for the homeless, rather than sending out Christmas cards but we thank all our customers, friends and suppliers for their support during yet another busy year and wish you all well for 2015.

We have new two inch and half inch tape in stock.

SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION ‘SOLID’ 500 series early SSL style compressor.

We have a limited number of these fantastic stereo bus compressors using the original DBX Gold VCAs for the ultimate SSL style mono/stereo compression. Absolutely superb.

Limited edition Module £1100 ex VAT each

Or packaged with the new WES Supercarrier 10 way 500 rack/external psu £1300 ex VAT

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USED MICROPHONES…serviced with warranty

AKG C12A tube (NuVista) mic with psu. Exceptional sound £1999
Extremely rare AKG C412 with original brass capsule. £1499
D20 rare dynamic (Souped up D12) £450 ea
D190E fabulous dynamic. Very high quality £90 ea
Equally rare very early C414s with brass capsule. 2 avail £1899 ea
C28 tube mic with psu etc. Great sound and value £1200
BEYER D201. Excellent dynamic. Snares, toms etc £99
BRAUNER Valvet X tube mic. As new £1200
GEFELL UMT70S multipattern condenser. Excellent U87 alternative £799
NEUMANN U47 FET reissue NEW Limited Edition £2600
KM84i. Original, highly sought after. £ 650
KM85i as KM84 but with low end roll off. £ 599
ROYER SF12 stereo ribbon. Serviced £1399
SHURE SM81 condenser. Killer snares, hats, acoustics etc £150
SONY C500P rare condenser (kick, snare etc) £1000

Best prices on new mics by AEA, AKG, Beyer, Brauner, Coles, DPA, Mohave, Neumann, Royer,Sennheiser, Shure, etc plus mic stands, pop shields and the rest plus the best in-house mic repairs in Europe.

We have new two inch, half inch and quarter in tape on stock


MELLOTRON Original tape keyboard. Black. Excellent condition.
Overhauled with new tapes (strings, choirs, flutes)
ROLAND JD800 keyboard. Serviced £650

Full DAVE SMITH and NORD range in stock and on demo at best prices new

The new DAVE SMITH PRO 2 – first in the country


ADL CL1500 tube LA2A stylee 2ch/stereo comp/lim £2k new £1200
CL1000 Mono optoLA2 stylee tube limtr. NEW/SPECIAL £999
AL SMART / SMART RESEACH C2 compressor…industry standard £1299
APOGEE PSX100 96 KhZ 24 BIT 2ch AD/DA £600
API 560B Thumbwheel graphic 500 series eq. £450
Stunning 19″ rack containing 8 x rare 550L (legacy) eqPower supply, D-sub and XLRs. New Fong build £3750
AVALON AD2044 dual/stereo compressor. NEW/SPECIAL £1499
BEL BD80S 1U stereo delay. Great value £299
BSS DPR 402 comp/limiter/deesser. UK made, not Chinese £399
CRANE SONG Trakker discrete mono compressor (2 in stock) £1395 ea
STC-8 discrete compressor. Superb £2200
DBX FS900 c/w 2 x 902 deessers. Industry standard £499pr
162SL superb dual/stereo compressor/limiter (£2k new) £899
DOLBY XP24 A noise reduction £799
DRAWMER DS201 dual gates. Several £120 ea
1960 tube dual compressor/mic pre £499
ELECROSPACE Spanner autopanner £199
EVENTIDE H3000SE classic ultra harmoniser £900
FOCUSRITE RED 2 dual eq £1400
RED 8 dual mic preamp £1200
ISA 215 dual mic pre/eq £1700
RED 1 500 series mic pre. Very red £450
GML 2030 Mastering Dynamics Controller/psus. Lined up by GML. Very rare £4500
GREAT RIVER ME-1NV Microphone Preamp (2 available) £650 ea
LEXICON PCM70 classic 1U reverb £650
LITTLE LABS IBP Junior x 4 Phase Alignment Tool £995
LYNX AES 16e card £299
Aurora 16 – 16 channel mastering converter £1300
NEVE FJ V-Series Original VR strip in 1U with psu, recapped andrefurbished by Lincoln Fong. The real deal £1499
PRISM Lyra 1 interface £1049
ROLAND SDE3000 classic delay £350
SDE330 delays etc £199
SSL Xlogic dynamics rack loaded 6 x E (black) compressors
And buss compressor. As new
TC Finaliser Express £350
G Major 2 £200
TC M3000 reverb/effects £350
UREI LA3 x 2 stunning discrete version of LA3 £2500pr
VARIOUS Mic stands, headphones, looms etc £call
YAMAHA SPX1000 multieffect £180
Rev 7 classic reverb/fx etc £220
SPX90. Becoming a classic £120

Best prices and package deals on all new outboard, mics, converters, digiblah, cables and the rest


ASHLEY FET 500 2 x 400w power amps. Clean. £199 each
FOCAL CMS65 Near Field Monitors (Pair) £650
GEITHEIN R922LK natural wood with stands (£11k new) MINT £4999pr
PMC 225 superb near/mid field monitors £1800pr
TB2SA near/midfield active monitors. Pair £999pr
YAMAHA P1600 quality power amp £200

We are specialists in all new mastering equipment and are happy to advise and/or quote


API 1608 fully loaded. Little use. Rare opportunity. Still under warranty £29999
AUDIENT ASP24-36 channel due shortly. Great price/condition £call
NEVE 88R very rare high end 72 channel. The ultimate recording console? £call
VR 32 (04 24) due shortly. McCombey serviced. Great condition £ call £call
OTARI Status 18R 32/24. Dynamics. Total recall. Moving faders.
Compact but powerful. 4b swept eq. Serviced. REDUCED.
SSL Duality 48 channel. Latest software. Patchbay £call
AWS 924SE automated console £call
TLA M1 Tubetracker 12 channel tube desk + FW card. As new £2500
SOUNDCRAFT 200SR 16-4-2 Great sounding desk, recapped and serviced with flightcase. £500
STUDER 900 series. Compact, high quality – 12 mono/8 stereo,
4 stereo Groups with limiters. High quality mic pre and eq.
FLYING FADERS Complete 64 channel system from API Legacy including
faders, cards, Computer, cables. Can be retrofitted to vintage
Neve etc


NOW ON DEMO…the stunning new SSL XL desk -24-8, the perfect fully analogue solution for producer suites and smaller studios. Sounds and looks fantabulous.

Leasing deals available to professional companies in the UK; call for details

Please note; Prices EXCLUDE VAT UK clients must add 20%. Most export is VAT zero rated.