Funky Junk March Used List

Funky Junk March Used List

With exchange rates flopping about like Spiderman’s drunken brother, our fully serviced, guaranteed used gear represents even better value for money. Of course, as the UK’s leading supplier of new professional recording equipment, we can also cut the best deals around for new items and, uniquely, offer part-exchange on your unwanted bits to soften the blow. Whateveryousingwebring, from the latest digiblah to the most esoteric microphone.

Demo stock usually available to try in your own gaff (UK only for insurance reasons I’m afraid).

*= due shortly

USED MICROPHONES Serviced with warranty

AKG Extremely rare AKG C412 with original brass capsule. £1499
NEUMANN U67 Classic. Lovely Serviced. New/old stock capsule £5500
SHURE SM81 condenser. Killer snares, hats, acoustics etc £150
NEW LIMITED EDITION Unidyne 55LE very limitedEdition of groovy 1950s mic. Only a few left at… £282
SONY C500P rare condenser (kick, snare etc) £900
TELEFUNKEN AK47 tube mic kit. Boxed £950

Best prices on new mics by AEA, AKG, Beyer, Brauner, Coles, DPA, Mojave, Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure, etc plus mic stands, pop shields and the rest plus the best in-house mic repairs in Europe.

We have new two inch, half inch and quarter in tape on stock


ADAM Sub 7 subbase. Boxed, hardly used £225
APHEX Dominator 2 quality comp/limiter £150
APOGEE PSX100 96 KhZ 24 BIT 2ch AD/DA £450
API FJAPI550S Stunning 19″ custom built rack containing 8 x rare 550L (legacy) eq, power supply, D-sub and XLRs. New build by Lincoln Fong. £3750
5500 dual eq (1U rackmount) £1399*
560B Thumbwheel graphic 500 series eq. £399
550b500 series 4b discrete eq £599
525C 500 series discrete compressor £599
AUDIO & DESIGN Pan Scan Autopanner £299
F600 compressor. Classic £799
Compex classic limiter/compressor. Fully serviced £1750*
AVALON AD2055 mega eq £1899*
BSS DPR 402 comp/limiter/deesser. UK made, not Chinese £299
CRANESONG STC-8 superb discrete stereo/buss compressor. Serviced £1850
Trakker discrete mono comp (2 in stock) £1250 ea
DBX FS900 c/w 2 x 902 deessers. Industry standard £399
162SL superb dual/stereo compressor/limiter (£2k new) £750
262 dual compressor £120
Classic 2 x 160VU. Hugely underrated £1200 pr*
DRAWMER DS201 dual gates. Several £120 ea
DL240 pretty decent stereo/dual compressor (1U) £160
DW FEARN VT4 eq (2 due) beautiful handmade equalisers £1999 ea*
DYNAUDIO M1 Passive near/midfield £599
ECLIPSE pr 512 ‘egg’ monitors and 502 amplifier. Weird but great for Jazz, classical and ambient monitoring. Cost £3k £999
EMPIRICAL LABS L’il Freq rack mount eq2 in stock £799 ea
EVENTIDE H3000SB ultra harmoniser £799
FOCUSRITE RED 8 dual mic preamp £1050
RED1-500 500 series t’former mic pre (list £799) Ex dem £ 399
FUNKY JUNK INDUSTRIES 32 channel summing mixer with monitor Control, with 3 different transformer selects – superb £1899
GREAT RIVER ME-1NV Microphone Preamp (2 available) £650 ea
KLARK TEKNIK DN360 classic dual 31 band inductor based graphic. £350
KRK 10S Active sub woofer £200
LEXICON PCM70 classic 1U reverb £550
PCM80 reverb/effects £350
200 fantastic reverb, the classic early 224 without remote.We’ve A/B’d these with Bricasti M7 and they’re identical £ 699*
MANLEY Mid frequency tube eq £ 999*
MILLENNIA HV-3D/4 Ultra high quality/clean 4 channel mic pre. Great £1499
NEVE FJ V-Series Original VR strip in 1U with psu, recapped andrefurbished by Lincoln Fong. The real deal £1350
V2 channels x 2/racked pre,eq,dynamics £1399
1073 DPA 2 channel mic preamp £ 950
ROLAND SDE330 delays etc £150
Dimension D phase etc £499
SUMMIT AUDIO Everest high-end voice channel (tube/FET) £1250*
TC 2290 delay. Getting rare but still the knees de la beez £ 999*
M5000 reverb. Superb quality and value £600
TUBETECH SMC2BM Mastering multiband tube compressor £2400
VARIOUS Mic stands, headphones, looms etc £call

Best prices and package deals on all new outboard, mics, converters, digiblah, cables and the rest


DDA QMR 24/16. Excellent, well-built mixing console with patchbay £1,999
NEVE 88R very rare high end 72 channel. The ultimate recording console? £call
88RS rare 48 channel in-line ultimate quality automated console £call
VR 36 (04 24) due shortly. McCombey serviced. Great condition £ call £call
SSL Duality 48 channel. Latest software. Patchbay £call
AWS 924SE automated console £call
STUDER 900 series. Compact, high quality – 12 mono/8 stereo,
4 stereo Groups with limiters. High quality mic pre and eq.
Beautiful compact 901 12-4 loaded 6 mono/6 stereo (22 on mix).Stand alone classic desk £4500
FLYING FADERS Complete 70 channel system from API Legacy including
faders, cards, Computer, cables. Can be retrofitted to vintage
Neve etc


the stunning new SSL XL desk -24-8

the perfect fully analogue solution for producer suites and smaller studios. Sounds and looks fantabulous. View details


Leasing deals available to professional companies in the UK; call for details

Please note; Prices EXCLUDE VAT UK clients must add 20%. Most export is VAT zero rated.