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A good patchbay is the heart of any professional studio, allowing the engineer to fully access all those glittering toys and crusty vintage gems. Moreover, scimping on the patch is akin to putting parafine in a Rolls Royce - it just ain't worth the hastle.

We are involved with dozens of major installs every year, and our engineers and wiremen are always happy to quote for design and wiring. Wherever possible, we used Mosses and Mitchell patchbays, as do all major console manufacturers and installers. Quite simply, they are the best and at our knock down prices there can never be an excuse for using anything else.

So, ask for a quote, whether for a single cable or a complete install. We work with the very best installers in the business and only uise quality components, amongst which Mosses and Mitchell patchbays and patchcords are always first choice.