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More Funk, Less Junk!

Plenty of parking and... Far and away the best demo facilities in town.


Funky Junk Demo Room

Once upon a time, if I wanted a compressor I bought a Urei. There were few alternatives. If I wanted monitors, I bought Genelec or maybe ATC. If I wanted a decent eq, I bought a Neve. Life was so much simpler then, but times change. They always do.
The last few years have seen an explosion not merely in the amount and variety of recording equipment available but also in the number of people using it. The artist no longer trusts his precious music to a producer or engineer. He or she twiddles the knobs as well as twanging the strings or tickling the ivories, and long may this last.

With new products being launched on the market every month, how can anyone sort the wheat from the chaff and choose which pieces to trust with their hard earned cash? Of course, we operate a loan scheme for musicians and producers to try most items in their own studio but results rely upon availability of gear and the idiosyncrasies of the recording environment. Ultimately the only solution is to find a purpose built, fully blown studio control room with tuned acoustics and a vast selection of monitors, mics and outboard gear in which to compare, test, check and choose. Sadly, no such dedicated facility exists. Or at least, no fully fledged, high end demo room DID exist…until now.

  • Demo Control Room
  • Demonstration Control Room Right View
  • Demonstration Conrtol Room Blue
  • Rack Of Power Mk3
  • Rack Of Power Mk2
  • Rack Of Power Mk1
  • 2nd Demonstration Room
  • Focusrite Blue Console
  • Console Showroom

Funky Junk has always invested in order to offer the best service and facilities in the land to our customers. From our famous tech shop to the wide and varied range of demo stock, we’ve always tried to give you the service that we, as musicians and producers, seek ourselves. With our recent move, we took the plunge and commissioned Fritz of Thumbprint to build a flat response, soundproofed, air conditioned control room SPECIFICALLY for demoing equipment, irrespective of cost. The result is…well, come and hear for yourself. At last there is somewhere to compare monitors and hear the music and the speakers rather than the room, to drive the best eq, compressors, processors and mic head to head in order to accurately judge which best suits your needs. Stocked with loadsagoodies, we can get anything in by arrangement that isn’t already in the racks.

Unlike the growing number of outlets who shift boxes on line, we care about what we sell. We need to hear it and use it in a controlled setting and offer our customers not merely the chance to demo gear without compromise but honest, unbiased advice based upon first hand experience rather than second hand chat. And if you hit a problem down the line? Steve Culnane and his bevy of in house service techs can fix anything from a Neve VR to a mic lead quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
There was never a gear emporium like Funky Junk. There probably never will be.