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 July Deals Updated 18-07-14

To celebrate our England’s glorious exist from the soccer world cup, we’re doing nothing in particular, so here’s our July used list. Needless to say, we can offer best prices on all new gear including ATC SCM25A monitors (plus the rest of the range), TRIAD-ORBIT and LATCHLAKE mic stands, Universal UAD plug-ins and hardware, avid/Protools rigs, Converters by Prism, Universal/Apollo/RME and the rest, AUDIENT 4816 desks, SSL Duality and AWS 924/948 (new), MANLEY, TUBETECH, THERMIONIC, RETRO tube gear, ROYER, SHURE, AEA, NEUMANN, AKG, BRAUNER, SCHOEPS, DPA, MOJAVE and all other mics and…oh, blah, blah, blah. Ask for a quote for whatever you need and save a bundle (with the best in-house after sales support in the business).
Sales spiel (and World Cup) over…

Prices EXCLUDE VAT. Tax free exports available






 ATR102 half inch 2 track. Fully serviced                      



 RMX16 superb classic reverb                     



Pan Scan Autopanner £350


162 VU x 2 (2U rack). Classic VCA compressors/pair £1200


519 tube power amps. Pair. Serviced. Classic £3500pr


660 tube compressor. Superb (£6500 new) £3500


Spanner autopanner £199


RED 2 dual eq £1400


RED 8 dual mic preamp £1200
 LEXICON 480L mega reverb with LARC


 NEVE Pair V51strips (mic pre + 4b eq x 2) rack/psu £1499
  542 8-2 desk top mixer. The ultimate summing mixer?   


 UREI LA4 LA3 x 2 stunning discrete version of LA3 £2500pr
  1176 Silver faced original compressor / limiter £1500
 AKG  C12VR. Average condition. New psu. Serviced. £1499
  C451. Original CK1 capsules  £180ea
  C414B-ULS large dia extremely versatile £450ea
  D12 original £350
  D112 £70
 SONY C500P rare condenser (kick, snare etc) £1000

Best prices on new mics by AEA, AKG, Beyer, Brauner, Coles, DPA, Mohave, Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure, etc plus mic stands, pop shields and the rest plus the best in-house mic repairs in Europe.

We have new two inch, half inch and quarter in tape on stock

SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION ‘SOLID’ 500 series early SSL style compressor. We have a limited
number of these fantastic stereo bus compressors using the original DBX Gold VCAs for the ultimate
SSL style mono/stereo compression. Absolutely superb. Limited edition   £1100 ea




SP12 drums with 2 x JL Cooper drives £699


Original tape keyboard. Black. Excellent condition.Overhauled with new tapes (strings, choirs, flutes)          



 JD800 keyboard. Serviced          



Prophet 5 original. Beautiful condition   



DX7. Still a favourite



Best deals on new synths by Dave Smith (Prophet 12 and full range usually ins tock), Korg (MS20 reissue) Moog, Arturia, Novation and the rest. In stock and on demo. NORD LEAD MAIN AGENTS Demo units in stock.


 ADL CL1500 tube LA2A stylee 2ch/stereo comp/lim £2k new £1200
 APOGEE PSX100 96 KhZ 24 BIT 2ch AD/DA £600
  AD8000 multichannel converter £650
 API 560 thumbwheel graphic 500 series eq.  in stock £450ea
  3124+ 4 channel 1U discrete mic pre £1499
 ANTELOPE Trinity clock. Wonderful cost (3 generators) £1100
 AUDIO DESIGN Dual deesser. Excellent. 1U rack mount £199
  Gemini 2 - 1U rack mono comp/limiter £199
 AUDI KINETICS Tall studio stands with windows £399
  Tall studio stands without windows £299
 BELL BD80S 1U stereo delay. Great value £299
 BSS DPR 402 comp/limiter/deesser. UK made, not Chinese £399
 CHANDLER Germanium mic pre/DI with psu £750
  TG Channel – pre/eq/with psu. 2 in stock £1100
 DBX FS900 c/w 2 x 902 deessers. Industry standard   £499pr
 DIGIDESIGN 192 + DA card (8 in/16 out)


  Sync i/o £250
  PCIe pro accel  card (2 in stock) £350ea
 DIGITECH TSR-12 1U rack multieffects £99 
 DOLBY XP24 A noise reduction £799
 DRAWMER DS201 dual gates. Several £120ea 
  DL241 decent dual/stereo VCA compressor £199
 EMPIRICAL Fatso Junior (dynamics –EL7) £1250
 EMU EX3 mega sampler/synth £299
 EVENTIDE H8000FW mega effects £2700
  H3000SE classic ultra harmoniser  £900
  Eclipse £900
 FOCUSRITE Green voice channel (pre/eq/comp) Mono £375
 GML 8900 compressor and psu £2999
 HERITAGE AUDIO 1073/500 500 series Neve 1073 clone (pre/eq) £999
  K+M Various standard and short boom mic stands. Excellent £25ea
 LEXICON PCM70 classic 1U reverb £650
  960L/Larc (analogue and digital) £3999
  480L v 4. With Larc £3250
  PCM60. A classic. Fantastic (224 algorithms) £499
 LYNX AES 16e card £299
 PURPLE MC77 Urei 1176 clone. Serviced £ 900
 ROLAND MKS20. Classic pianos, vibes etc £299
  SDE3000 classic delay £350
  SDE330 delays etc £199
 STUDIO RACKS Superb 2 and 3 bay racks from Sphere with glass tops. From...£300 ea CALL
SUMMIT AUDIO TLA100A superb LA2A stylee tube/discrete (2520) limiter £899
 TC Finaliser Express £350
  G Major 2 £200
 TL AUDIO C1 dual/stereo tube compressor. Excellent sound and value £ 550
 TUBETECH PE1C high quality mono tube eq. 2 available £ 999ea
 UNIVERSAL 1176LN. As new £999
 VARIOUS Mic stands, headphones, looms etc £ call
 WURLIZER EP140 electric piano. Lovely beast. Serviced £1300
 YAMAHA SPX1000 multieffect £180
  REV 5 excellent reverb/fx £250
  Rev 7 classic reverb/fx etc £ 220
  SPX90. Becoming a classic     £120     

Best prices and package deals on all new outboard, mics, converters, digiblah, cables and the rest




FET 500 2 x 400w power amps. Clean. £199 each


250D convection cooled quality power amp £299


SCM50A active 3 way with short stands. Very clean £3750pr


M3 active system. 2 x Dynaudio amps + active crossover £4500pr


AML-2. As new           



520 Power Amp



12” HPD vintage dual concentric . Great midfield



P1600 quality power amp


We are specialists in all new mastering equipment and are happy to advise and/or quote
on all your mastering needs.


 NEVE 88R very rare high end 72 channel. The ultimate recording console?        £call
 OTARI Status 18R 32/24.
Dynamics. Total recall. Moving faders.
Compact buy powerful. 4b swept eq. Serviced.REDUCED            
 SSL Duality 48 channel. Privately owned. Latest spec. Patchbay £ call
  AWS 900SE automated console


 STUDER 900 series. Compact, high quality – 12 mono/8 stereo, 4 stereoGroups with limiters. High quality mic pre and eq. Serviced £8999

Complete 64 channel system from API Legacy including faders, cards Computer, cables. Can be retrofitted to vintage Neve etc

Leasing deals available to professional companies in the UK View Details
  SSL, Neve and other consoles always available. Let us know what you need.
Custom patchbay, wiring and installation services our speciality.

Planning a project? Give us a call.


All consoles in stock sold fully serviced, Commissioning available
Many more available and due shortly. Call to discuss your console requirements.

Best deals on….

FLEA tube mics (on demo), ROYER, AEA and COLES ribbon mics (on demo), MANLEY, THERMIONIC and TUBETECH tube processors (on demo) ATC, FOCAL and more monitors (on demo), RETRO 176, STA-LEVEL, POWER STRIP, 2A3 EQ (on demo), BAE classic mic pres, eq and compressors (on demo) and all the best of the rest.


What better time to sort out all those annoying niggles with your faulty gear? Our tech shop is Europe's leading repair shop for microphones, outboard, consoles and most professional recording gear. Ask for details.

Sell or p/x your gear?

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  • All prices exclude VAT or shipping.
  • VAT FREE export available!
  • 3 month warranty on all used gear.
  • Fast, efficient worldwide shipping by UPS or Fedex
  • Full manufacturer's warranty on all new equipment backed by
    Boffin Island in house tech support.