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Active Monitors (pair)
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  • PMC - IB1S-A
  • PMC - IB1S-A 2
  • PMC - IB1S-A 3
  • PMC - IB1S-A 3
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Building on the success of the mark I, the mark II incorporates design elements established during the production of the IB2S-A active loudspeakers last year, as well as feedback from professionals in the discerning broadcast, outside broadcast, post-production, mastering and music recording markets. Just like the Mark I, the IB1S-AII features PMC’s award-winning Advanced Transmission Line™ (ATL™) technology, the company’s proprietary low-frequency carbon-fibre and Nomex™ 10-inch flat piston driver, and the isolated three-inch mid-range driver and the 27mm soft-dome high-frequency driver of the original IB1S-A, as well as the precision, hand-assembled 24dB/octave crossovers. The amplification is taken care of by PMC’s DS-001 Class D power amp, housed in the vented plug-and-play DS-MODULE-001, which fits to the rear of the cabinet. Deceptively powerful for its size, the DS-001 delivers a blistering 400W of power into the 4Ω IB1S-AII.

The IB1S-AII adds the newly engineered absorptive foam lining for the ATL™ that was used in last year’s IB2S-A. This further reduces harmonic distortion and results in a higher definition, more clearly defined bass and a more transparent mid-range with reduced colouration from the low frequencies. And as with the IB2S-A, the redesigned cabinet for the IB1S-AII also features extra internal bracing to reduce cabinet crosstalk and reduce resonances even further.

As with the original IB1S-A, the SB100-A Active subwoofer may also be added to the system if required. With the same sonic characteristics and low-frequency response as the bass driver from the IB1S-A, the SB100-A provides a perfectly balanced means of monitoring the ‘point one’ bass channel in a surround setup. A compact, horizontally orientated version of the speaker, the IB1S-A-CII, is also available for use as a dedicated centre channel speaker in 5.1 arrays.


  • PMC ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) with 2 sections
  • 27mm Twin Chamber fabric Soft dome HF with high performance ferro-fluid cooling
  • 75mm Soft Dome mid range in isolated enclosure
  • PMC 10” / 250mm carbon fibre & Nomex™ piston driver
  • Phenomenal bass response down to 25Hz
  • Magnetic shielding available (IB1SM)
  • Matching low profile centre channel (IB1SM-C)
  • Matching SB100 subwoofer to complete a surround system
  • Film filter option: HF Roll off 1.5dB, 3dB & Flat
  • Custom speaker stands for optimising performance 840mm (33") High

Technical Specs

Available Finishes: Neo Black
Crossover Frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz
Dimensions: H 740mm 29.1" W 330mm 13.0" D 549mm 21.6"
Distortion: 0.05% 20Hz 0.004% 20kHz
Drive Units: LF 240mm, 100mm voice coil, HF 27mm soft dome
Effective ATL™ Length: 2.4m 8ft
Impedance: 47kΩ
Input Connectors: XLR balanced
Sensitivity: 0.4Vrms for 115dB @ 1m
Useable Frequency Response: 20Hz-25kHz Peak SPL @ 1M 116dB
Weight: 46.5kg 102.3lbs
UK Customers please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT
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