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PMC - SB100
Passive Subwoofer
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SB100 - Passive Subwoofer

The SB100 is a passive sub bass unit best suited for use as a dedicated .1 channel within an IB1S, IB2S or AML1 surround monitoring system.

The SB100 features the PMC 10" flat carbon fibre & Nomex™ piston driver in a heavily braced and damped cabinet with an effective line length of 2.8m (9ft). The combination of piston driver and PMC’s ATL™ transmission line technology gives the SB100 its outstanding detailed response down to 25Hz with a peak SPL of >116dB


  • PMC ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) with 2 sections
  • PMC 10" / 250mm carbon fibre & Nomex™ piston driver
  • 3" Edge wound voice coil
  • Matching response for use with AML1, IB1 or IB2 models
  • Phenomenal bass response down to 25Hz
  • Shallow cabinet – 350mm (13.78")
  • Specifiable 4mm sockets or Neutrik NL4™ input
  • Recommended amp power up to 250W
  • Activation option with Bryston PowerPac 300™ (SB100-A)

Requires external crossover & Amp

UK Customers please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT
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