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Thermionic Culture - Fat Bustard MKII
12 ch Valve Summing Mixer
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Thermionic Culture - Fat Bustard MKII front view
  • Thermionic Culture - Fat Bustard MKII front view
  • Thermionic Culture - Fat Bustard MKII rear view
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Fat Bustard MkII - 12 channel mixing with attitude

* New features on the Fat Bustard MKII!

The master section now includes a INT/EXT switch and a pair of associated rear mounted jack inputs for attaching a playback device to route through the monitor buss. This can also be used to check the effects of a Phoenix compressor that has been connected to the output of the Fat Bustard. The level of the EXT signal can be adjusted via the rear mounted trim pot.

The new valve summing mixer is now finalized and in production, with the first units scheduled for delivery end of July 2008.

More than just a straight summing mixer, this new offering provides sound shaping possibilities too, with a simple yet powerful bass ( 50Hz ) and treble ( 10kHz ), Stereo Width and Depth controls, and the new ‘Attitude’ distortion section. The inputs are arranged as 4x stereo pairs and 4 mono, all with mutes, the mono inputs also have pan pots too. Two additional Aux inputs are provided for echo returns and the optional forthcoming Little Bustard 16 channel expander. The Fat Bustard lives up to its name-guaranteeing Big Fat Sounds!


  • 4x stereo inputs inc mutes
  • 4x mono inputs inc mutes & pan controls inc defeat
  • 2x AUX inputs
  • Master EQ,
  • 'Attitude' distortion control
  • Stereo width/depth controls
  • Master stepped/switched output control
  • Monitor output inc control, 2tk inputs.
UK Customers please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT
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