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MTR - DC-412
4 way 12vDC power supply
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MTR - DC-412
  • MTR - DC-412
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DC-412 - 4 way 12vDC power supply

4 way 12vDC large keyboard power supply, 1A per output, incl 4 x 3m leads

The DC-412 has been introduced to cope with a new generation of large keyboards with disc drives and large LCD screens, that require a higher current and voltage. Each of the four outputs provides 1 amp of current at 12v DC, and the unit comes complete with four 3 metre DC leads and the same current-sensing safety protection as the other models.

For schools particularily, these two products offer a far safer, more reliable and robust alternative to 8 separate "Wall-Worts", remove the need for one or two 4 way plugboards, and the reduction in wiring means less Health and Safety issues. Environmentally superior, and easily fixed 'in situ' for security.

Dimensions (both models): 190x135x75mm. Weight: 2.9Kg

UK Customers please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT
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