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Latch Lake - Xtra® Boom
Boom Stand Extention
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Latch Lake - Extra Boom
  • Latch Lake - Extra Boom
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Latch Lake - Extra Boom

• Hang as many microphones as you want on one stand.
• With Xtra® Booms you can mic an entire drum kit using only two upright stands.

(Example: 2 AKG 414 TL IIs+ 1 SHURE SM 57 + 2 Neumann KM 54s + Sennheiser 421s + 1 AKG D 112 = 2 MicKing Stands & Xtra Booms)

Micking an entire drum kit with 2 boom stands

• Xtra® Booms can be used on just about any mic stand on the market.

UK Customers please note that all prices are subject to 20% VAT
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