SSL Duality SE mixing console

SSL Duality SE mixing console

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  • SSL Duality SE mixing console
  • SSL Duality SE mixing console
  • SSL Duality SE mixing console
  • SSL Duality SE mixing console
  • SSL Duality SE mixing console
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We know the SSL Duality better than any other dealer in Europe. Now the world’s biggest selling large format desk, the Duality is expandable from 24 (in line) channels (48 on mix) to 96 (192 on mix) without the need for a machine room or complex installation. We offer the best package deals plus expert technical and after sales support.

The New Studio Standard

With over 100 consoles sold, Duality has firmly established itself as the finest music console money can buy, and provided a new industry standard for professional audio production.

Akin to previous generations of classic SSL consoles, Duality achieves success by enabling engineers and producers to work quickly and ergonomically, as well as delivering superior sonic results. Duality’s innovative hybrid approach has found many fans, by combining a traditional analogue path and signal processing along with exceptional DAW control, all within a single hardware surface. Duality has a diverse user base that includes many of the world’s most prestigious commercial recording facilities, on-air broadcast production studios, educational establishments, film & TV score specialists and a growing group of notable private owners.

These include amongst others:

Royal College of Music Sweden EDUCATION
Odds On Recording USA COMMERCIAL
Benny Anderson Sweden PRODUCTION
Humber College Canada EDUCATION
Hit Factory Criteria USA COMMERCIAL
Rudolfinum Czech SCORING
Polish Radio Poland BROADCAST
LA Sound Gallery USA SCORING

Duality SE Software

Duality has recently been enhanced by the release of new “SE” version software.

This is available on all factory shipped production models and can be retro fitted to any existing Duality console via a simple user installed software upgrade.

This new edition of Duality is a response to customer feedback and provides a collection of new features and refinements to the established core feature set.

At the center of the enrichments is the way Duality communicates and controls DAW applications through the introduction of an Ethernet connection between the console and DAW host computer. This single cable approach greatly simplifies installation and streamlines DAW control setup, furthermore improving the “feel” on the DAW control layer. New Dual Layer DAW control enables Duality to control two independent DAW’s simultaneously, with seamless switching of hardware surface controls between manipulation of each DAW layer. The Duality Logictivity Browser has also been refreshed with new features providing a modernised user interface and new visual appearance. The Solo/Cut tiles across all of the consoles channel strips have been replaced with a new set of LCD screens providing more space for a greater level of information and improved viewing angles, and enhancement of Mackie Control supported DAWs.

The analogue side of Duality receives 25 individual feature additions, with a few key areas of focus:

The Talkback system sees the welcome addition of an Autocue system that provides options to set how the Red Light, Talkback & Listen switches operate and respond to Play or Record transport commands.

The SSL Automation system has been more than significantly enhanced with the addition of an Offline Trim facility, selection of Automation Update Status at the head of the mix and the creative addition of automation for all Cue, FX and EQ insert switches.

The SuperAnalogue Monitoring is improved with a new Calibration facility, a new ‘fine’ mode that increments in 0.4dB steps and the ability to display in three different modes: FILM (off-95db), Music (1-11) or Gain (off-0db).

The Total Recall™ system also receives an upgrade with the addition of an Autoscan feature that significantly speeds up Recall by conducting a sequential scan of the channels only stopping at those which require attention.

Duality SE is available now. Duality SE (software) is available as an upgrade option to existing Duality customers call or email for details.

Duality is the next generation console for those who love analogue but work digital.


  • Available in 24, 48, 72 & 96 fader configurations, expandable in bays of 24 (up to 96) and with producer and patch options.
  • Dual Mic Pre’s - SuperAnalogue & VHD
    From the purity of your microphone through to creative distortion and all the stops inbetween through the versatile Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) circuit.
  • Split Signal Flow Architecture
    The new paradigm for the modern DAW based studio, providing unrivalled flexibility on routing and processing
  • Complete 5.1 Surround Support
    Full range of monitor calibration and setup options for today’s surround productions
  • Comprehensive DAW Workstation Control
    Dual workstation support through Ethernet connectivity, full control of your chosen platform.
  • Constant Visual Feedback
    Channel TFT screens deliver complete optical feedback of channels status, processing, routing etc, and the innovative Eyeconix icons
  • Multi Operator Total Recall
    Now with channel Autoscan, utilising the welcome real estate of the TFT screens, allowing more than one operator to recall the console
  • Logictivity Session Management
    Elegant console project management through a standard computer using the java based SSL Logicitivity Duality Remote Browser
  • Low Environmental Impact
    SSL is proud of its ongoing commitment to modern environmental issues, and takes its responsibilities seriously thus saving on ownership running costs and contributing to saving our planet
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