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  1. Amek BC3 compact mixing console

    A fantastic small analogue recording console, this Amek BC3 has 8 mono Rupert Neve Designed preamps and 8 stereo...

  2. API 1608 Expander

    16 Channel Expander
  3. API THE BOX® Project Recording and Mixing Console

    Api the box is a small format recording console bring the classic large API sound into smaller studios and recording...

  4. Audient ASP8024

    24 Bus Recording Console
  5. DDA QMR 24/16 analogue mixing console

    Excellent, well-built mixing console with patchbay.

  6. Neve 88R 72 Channel Mixing Console

    Very rare high end 72 channel console, the ultimate recording console?

  7. SSL AWS 916

    Analogue Console with DAW Control
  8. SSL AWS 924 analogue console with DAW control

    The hugely successful SSL AWS924 offers 24 channels of classic SSL mic pre and eqs with moving fader automation, total...
  9. SSL AWS 924SE analogue console with DAW control USED

    A used SSL AWS924SE analogue mixing console in fantasic condition.

  10. SSL AWS 948

    Analogue Console with DAW Control
  11. SSL Duality 48 Mixing console

    SSL Duality 48 channel. Updated to latest software. Remote patchbay with 10m Vovox looms. Private owned. Worldwide...

  12. SSL Duality SE mixing console

    We know the SSL Duality better than any other dealer in Europe. Now the world’s biggest selling large format desk, the...
  13. SSL Matrix 2

    The Matrix 2 is the ideal console/controller for your hybrid production studio.
  14. SSL XL Desk analogue mixing console

    The SSL XL console gets it right. A thoroughbred analogue console from the world’s leading manufacturer, the XL...

  15. Studer 900 series compact console

    A compact mixing console with 12 mono / 8 stereo channels, great for a small studio of music kitchen for cooking up...

  16. Studer 901 Compact analogue mixing desk

    This cute little console arrived today and is currently being serviced. Combining the usual classic Studer vintage...

17 Item(s)

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