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  1. Neve 1073 / 1084 2 Channel Rack Unit

    House your legendary Neve 1073 microphone preamplifier in this Neve 1073 / 1084 in this 2 channel rack unit.

  2. Neve 1073 / 1084 8 Channel Rack Unit

    The Neve 1073 / 1084 is a beautifully constructed 8 Channel Rack Unit.

  3. Neve 1073 DPD / 1073 Mic Preamp

    Neve 1073 DPD Two-Channel 1073 Mic Preamp with Digital Out

  4. Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ

    Latest edition to the classic lineup, the Neve 1073 DPX Dual Preamp & EQ features two channels of Class A 1073...

  5. Neve 1073 LB 500 Series Preamp

    Inject your microphone or line level signals into that legendary universe of Neve with the Neve 1073 LB 500 Series...

  6. Neve 1073 LB EQ 500 Series EQ

    Neve 1073 LB EQ 500 Series Equaliser - Perhaps the world’s most famous and desirable microphone preamplifier and equaliser.
  7. Neve 1073 Mono micpre & 3 band EQ

    Hand built Class A module - Neve 1073 Mono microphone preamplifier & 3 band equaliser.

  8. Neve 1073DPA Two-Channel 1073 Mic Preamp

    Get a big, punchy sound that compliments any musical genre with the Neve 1073DPA Two-Channel 1073 microphone...

  9. Neve 1073N Mic Pre & EQ

    The Class A Neve 1073N Standalone Microphone Preamplifier and Equaliser.

  10. Neve 1081 8 Channel Rack Unit

    The Neve 1081 8 Channel Rack Unit has been designed to separate unwanted signal outside the passband with the highest...

  11. Neve 1081 Mic Preamp & EQ

    Neve's classic hand-built microphone preamplifier and equaliser - The Neve 1081.

  12. Neve 1081 Stereo Mic / Pre EQ

    The Neve 1081 Stereo microphone and preamplifier equaliser, which provides remarkable sensitivity.

  13. Neve 1081 Stereo Mic Pre/EQ (Used)

    Neve 1081 ‘Classic’ mic pre/EQ (discrete) x 2 in Neve rack

  14. Neve 1081r 12 Channel Rack Unit

    The Neve 1081r 12 Channel Rack Unit is arguably the best first stage in any recording process.

  15. Neve 1081r mono 1081 mic preamp module

    The Neve 1081r mono 1081 microphone preamplifier module.

  16. Neve 1084 Modular Mic pre and EQ

    The Neve 1084 Modular microphone preamplifier and equaliser with added features that make the Neve 1084 preferably over...

  17. Neve 2254/R Mono Compressor / Limiter

    The Neve 2254/R Mono Compressor / Limiter allows you to save your settings by using Neve Total RecallTM software via...

  18. Neve 2264ALB Mono Limiter/Compressor module

    Neve 2264ALB mono limiter & compressor module with new features such as a signal presence indicator LED and a slow...

  19. Neve 33609JD Stereo Compressor

    The Neve 33609JD Stereo Compressor with hand wired transformers and gain reduction circuitry.

  20. Neve 4081 19" Rackmount kit

    The Neve 4081 19" Rackmount kit, for 1 or 2 units, is perfect for vocals.

  21. Neve 4081 4 Channel Mic Pre

    Neve 4081 4 channel microphone preamplifier with the legendary Neve design.

  22. Neve 8801 Channel Strip

    The Neve 8801 Channel Strip is equipped with extremely high-quality Neve microphone preamplifier.

  23. Neve 8804 Preceision Fader Pack

    The Neve 8804 Precision Fader Pack for 8816 Summing Mixer

  24. Neve 8816 16 Channel Summing Mixer

    Hand built and hand wired Neve 8816 16 Channel Summing Mixer.

  25. Neve 88R 72 Channel Mixing Console

    Very rare high end 72 channel console, the ultimate recording console.

  26. Neve FJ-V-Series Original Neve VR Console Channel Strip

    Rack up by Lincoln Fong the Neve FJ-V-Series channel strip is made from original channels from a Neve VR Mixing console...

26 Item(s)

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